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MFTU Is a project that has a purpose to protect the future development of music, because of the rampant piracy and also the multiplication of legality, it makes the life of the people who work in music worse. This project provides a permanent resolution to the gaps that threaten the future of the music industry.

In its development, this method is very traditional because in addition to involving third parties, all royalties are not conveyed to artists or musicians. In addition there are many obstacles such as the law that regulates.

Therefore, the MFTU project created an online royalty payment model using sophisticated blockchain technology, which was placed on a decentralized ethereum network. For the smooth running of this project, the MFTU is supported by double tokens called “CYFM” (CyberFM) and “MFTU” as tokens rather than the MFTU itself.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho blockchain

#indie #indieartist #indiemusic #MFTU #undergroundartist #DoYouMFTU

Friends Are Sure to Ask Questions Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is the right choice for MFTU projects because with decentralized ledger capabilities it can be relied upon in the distribution of royalties for the smooth running of the ecosystem that MFTU wants to build, besides Blockchain has been tested for safety, efficiency and transparency since it was first introduced in 2008.

#indie #indieartist #indiemusic #MFTU #undergroundartist #DoYouMFTU


MFTU tokens are similar, but represent truly digital, fair, legal and cryptographic implementation organizations for independent rights for independent artists. Protect their rights and payments throughout the world!

Both utility tokens are ERC20 items that are listed on the ETH blockchain and are used to create this universal payment system that collects royalties for all events at any time in the country! 

MFTU and CYFM tokens are also mainly used to complete fiat payments for online radio membership, credit for in-app purchases, and registration fees. just make your music, for your story, upload it, it’s that simple.

You don’t have to pay if you have the desire to become a member, you don’t have to worry about data usage, with your cellphone, you can upload with less data, unlimited streaming without skipping channels and high sound quality and video clarity is a guarantee .. Look, there are no fees! Visit the website for more info.

The MFTU project has two tokens on the eteric blockchain, namely CYFM and MFTU, both tokens are backing for CyberFm and MFTU interests, MFTU has a continuous gift where you can win these tokens, visit their website for more details and also discourse channels project.

Progress of the project

I took a report on the progress or progress of this project directly from the official website here: and here is the description that I summarize in my article: 

Business plan.

The company is 10 years old and stands alone. In addition, the company also has large investors and consistent income each year. 

Database of users

If you are not a fan yet, you should visit CyberFM soon! Then download the application. 

Customer base

One of the reasons for this project: CyberFM becomes so crowded with the number of artists. 

Mobile applications

Available on the Google Play Store and, of course, the Apple App Store. 

Special purse (wallet)

Register our wallet in Hexel. You get the additional benefit of being able to spend on tokens there, too. 

Merchant Online

Token CYFM and MFTU can already be sold on several Exchange, here is the list of Exchange to dual token:

The MFTU team



Cyber-FM has an established record of providing independent music to listeners and promoting artists through outreach users. His new plan with Mainstream for Underground is interesting because it provides a way to protect the rights and payments of performers around the world, while they constantly register registration at the local level. At the same time, it allows artists who are not officially registered to be able to broadcast their music to CYBER-FM and receive rewards using MFTU tokens 

#indie #indieartist #indiemusic #MFTU #undergroundartist #DoYouMFTU

For more information, please visit the link below:

Website ;
ANN Thread ;
White Paper ;
Telegram ;
Facebook ;
Twitter ;
Reddit ;
LinkedIn ;

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